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What you need to know

Typical treatment involves the osteopath taking a detailed medical history followed by a careful examination. A diagnosis of the cause of symptoms is reached, which is then explained, along with information about what to expect from treatment and the expected time frame for recovery.

Treatment may involve techniques such as deep soft tissue work (specialised massage), mobilisation of the joints, stretching of the muscles.

After a treatment that is uniquely tailored to you, advice on posture, specific exercises or stretches may be provided (as required), even information about work station arrangement and ergonomics. This is to help maintain the benefits gained from treatment and to prevent future re-injury of the area.

Due to the holistic (addressing the whole person) nature of osteopathic training, dietary advice can also be given, for example, information on foods containing calcium or vitamin D in the case of someone suffering with osteoporosis or loss of bone density.

There is sometimes some minor, temporary discomfort 24 to 48 hours after treatment. This is a normal part of your body’s response to the treatment, and information on how to help reduce this is always given after treatment.

As well as treating your immediate pain, osteopathic treatment will also identify any other contributing causes to you complaint. By addressing these, recovery is quicker and recurrence of the problem and pain is much less likely.


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Unit 4,
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